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CSR for Value Provision


Why is it Important?

Achieving both Environmental Protection and Business Expansion

Environmental problems such as climate change constitute top priorities for manufacturers. In addition, air conditioners, which represent a pilar of Daikin’s business, consume large amounts of energy during their operation, and hydrofluorocarbons that are used as refrigerants contribute to climate change. We are striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire supply chain, develop products and services, and carry out environmental and social contribution to contribute to sustainable growth both for Daikin and for the Earth.


Introduce State-of-the-art Technologies to the Market in Order to Address Environmental and Energy Issues

In all aspects of our management —product development, manufacture, and sales — we strive to improve environmental sustainability in every way possible, develop products and advanced technologies that realize a more environmentally healthy world, and contribute to the solution of environmental and energy problems.

Among these efforts, we focus on reducing both hydrofluorocarbon emissions generated during product manufacture and energy consumed during air conditioner operation, which are the major contributors to climate change.


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